Friday, December 17, 2010

Clear signs so far

John reported that his latest MRI scans show no signs of cancer so this is good news. His sense of taste is still out of whack however – sometimes too intense and sometimes not enough intensity. Unfortunately, even when it is too intense – after the first few bites it turns into bland mouth, so the joy of eating is still equivocal. He has still had trouble putting on more weight.

John has also found it disappointing that the dentist has found 4 cavities in spite of his frequent brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. Since before the therapy John had almost no cavities, this is a major change in his dental health. Apparently saliva is an important cavity-fighting mechanism and since his saliva glands are not yet back to normal he has lost their benefit.

His energy is slowly returning, but not as fast as he would like, apparently. He is back into his old routine, however: visiting Dorothy on a regular basis, making the paper runs to Gibson’s, and visiting Bill’s place on Bowen Island. It’s like the old days – but we know that all has changed.

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