Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Blisters the size of coffee coasters"

Aaron reported that the blisters from John’s radiation treatments are now the size of coffee coasters. This means that they are taking up much of the attention as he recovers from his last chemo.

John reported that they are not particularly painful, however – just something that needs a lot of attention to avoid infection. He has been given a ‘kit’ of material from the hospital along with some elaborate instructions. It includes boiling water, giving the area a saltwater bath, soaking it in gauze, and covering it with a special bandage. Apparently a garter belt does the best job of holding it all in place. He says the blisters are not getting worse, so that’s a good sign.

The blistering is only on one side – below his shoulder, near his collarbone. The other side hasn’t blistered – it’s just “scabby and lumpy”. He doesn’t even have blisters in his throat so is thankful about that – and very upbeat about the ordeal being almost over.

As usual, yesterday and today are worse than the weekend (from the chemo). He has been able to eat his 2 eggs and porridge, however, along with some vegetable soup that Patty made for him before she left. He also discovered the joy of freshly made won ton soup from a local restaurant so he will be taking advantage of that over the next few days.

Wilma and Gary are with him and when I called yesterday Aaron had joined them for the evening. They were all engrossed watching Tremé episodes.

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