Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Swish and Swallow

"Swish and swallow." Those were the instructions John received with the medicine to keep the thrush at bay. "Just do it 4 times a day."

The instructions should have been "Swish, gag, and hurl." according to John - they would have been more in line with his experience! It seems that his aloe vera elixir does not mix well with the thrush medicine so he has to time them to avoid any cross-contamination.

Today, however, he reported that things are much better - he can actually swish and swallow without the gagging. Maybe it was the Chinese herbs that Patty has introduced to his diet, or the gravol and ginger she found, or just the care and attention, but something seems to be working.

He said he even has enough energy to make a trip to Gibsons after his morning radiation treatment tomorrow. It turned out that his mailbox over there needs some attention so he will make the trip with his cooler stuffed with medicine, soup, and calorie drinks by his side.

"If only it didn't all taste like sand!" he added. Even french toast with lots of butter and maple syrup has lost its flavour. He reported that there is little joy in mixing up a fresh nectarine milkshake with gobs of ice cream since the taste is only a memory.

Shaving has also become a thing of the past as the radiation takes its toll. He said that the "damage" is right up to his top lip so he only has a bit of a moustache left. Once again aloe vera saves the day - this time as a face cream. I'm sorry I don't have any photos - yet.

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