Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last Chemo

Today is John’s last chemotherapy session. If the last 2 are any indication he will be in bad shape for a few days before bouncing back. Since Patty is off at a wedding in the east, Wilma and Gary will be taking over as the support team until her return.

John is also counting down on the radiation treatments – only 6 more left. He was surprised by the appearance of blisters near his collar bone but figures that he had missed taking care of this spot with the aloe cream treatment since he didn’t expect that the radiation would have hit this area. He is now struggling to keep ahead of the burns with the cream but finds it an irritating addition to his repertoire.

Aaron has passed on a few more photos for us.

Here is one of Shaver's anti-shaving treatment.

"Look Ma, no beard!"

Here are a few from John's trip to Bowen Island. He was enjoying the sunshine (remaining well-protected) while wandering in the garden.

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