Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Anticipating round 2 of chemo

Wilma came down from Sicamous to visit John and Dorothy for a few days. This will coincide nicely with John’s next hurdle: his second chemo treatment on Thursday (“a little bit scary” he reports). He will go in to the hospital on Thursday morning (July 29th) to get the usual prep and will stay overnight to receive the treatment and early recovery. This time, he says, he will be more careful about hydrating with calories and taking advantage of the wonder of laxatives.

At present, John reports that each day is a bit unpredictable. Some days it’s nausea (controlled by light medication), sometimes it’s morning headaches, and sometimes it’s constipation. So far his throat is not a major problem and can be managed by the aloe vera and apple juice cocktail. His strategy is to eat lightly every 2 hours or so.

Aaron continues to serve as welcome backup with the paper run and Dorothy’s support.

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