Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dry Mouth

Having permission to eat comfort food loses its appeal when everything tastes dry. John reports that he has had to rely on memory to enjoy even cheesecake, steak, pasta, and homemade soup. I'm wondering whether it will be an orgy of new discoveries once the therapy is over and his taste buds are revived. Something to look forward to!

He says he has lost some energy, but was able to visit Bowen Island on Sunday, Dorothy on Wednesday, and even get in some personal shopping. Monday was a day to "take it easy". His weight is back up a bit (up 3.6 kg) and he has found that aloe vera has provided welcome comfort to his throat in the face of the radiation treatments. On Monday it was very sore but after he began taking aloe vera and apple juice it has become much more manageable.

He lives with nausea, but uses light medication to manage it. He reports that it means he eats slowly - constantly - in order to keep his weight up. Tomorrow is his next weigh-in so he will get the official word on how well he is doing.

His biggest concern seems to be Dorothy - not his own situation. Aaron has been her shopping and errand support and Wilma will be in town soon (on Sunday the 25th) so, along with John's occasional visits, it seems that she will be well taken care of. Wilma plans to hang out in Vancouver for a few days at the end of this month and then will return later in August.

We were pleased to hear how well John is doing - in spite of the corporeal onslaught he is facing. Each of the new challenges seems to be adequately met and his spirit seems high. He is looking forward to a trip to Bowen on Saturday for a change of sight and place.

Erratum: Aaron noticed that I had erroneously identified Gabriola as the destination for his weekly paper runs. It should have been Gibson's. Sorry John and Aaron! That's what you get for hiring a cheap ghost writer.

Samantha complained that she wasn't included in the photo of the chocolate eclair crew - so here is one of her and her uncle from Christmas 2004.

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