Monday, July 12, 2010


John reported that today (Monday) was not as good as yesterday. He figures it was partly because it was the first day without the "major nausea medications" that he was given after the chemo treatment. He went to the hospital for another dose of radiation around noon but discovered that his energy level had dropped so much that it was difficult to get off the couch.

This is quite a contrast to the previous day when he prepared his usual Sunday breakfast for whoever turned up. Not only did he eat his fill, but did the laundry, and spent the afternoon eating cherries on the back porch.

Aaron took over his Monday visit and shopping trip at Dorothy's so all is well with his other obligations. Frankie (his nurse friend) passed on some tips about massage points to help with the nausea so he is making good use of this technique. John added that he is still eating and drinking okay in spite of the occasional nausea.

He will be in for radiation treatments every day this week - the first full week of this therapy.

Here is a photo of Uncle John leading the chocolate eclair crew on New Year's Day - 2010.

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