Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Chemotherapy Quick-loss Diet

John reports that he lost 6 kg in 1 week! Looking in the mirror he sees JP (without the hair, I presume). He can even touch his toes. It sounds like a tasty diet as well - cream instead of milk, butter on everything, with extra cheese all around. John figures that his body must be a whirlwind of cell death and reconstruction - with all that activity sucking up energy wherever it can.

The down side (besides the cancer, of course) is the necessity for plenty of laxative medicine. It took him a while to work out the appropriate levels to overcome the constipation, but it sounds like he has figured it out for now. He also experienced some ups and downs with nausea as he finished off the first set of heavy meds, spent a day or so suffering with the resulting nausea, then restarting them again - with positive results. This has meant beef tenderloin last night and lamb tonight.

He has an appointment with the chemo doctor tomorrow - not for more treatment - just for a chat, checkup, and to ask the many questions that have arisen since the first round of treatment.

It was lovely to hear him back in such great spirits - and with an obvious rejuvenation of energy.

Here's a photo of the goal we are setting for you, John. Who cares if it was 1975?


  1. Ok, I can't wrap my brain around this picture of you!! Sent you an via Patty. GET WELL SOON, CHRIS from NY xoxoxoxo

  2. Are we hoping John's hair grows back? That would be a miracle cure.